Poster Hall MRMS 2020

MRMS 2020


Poster 2020: Lipidomic changes associated with ether lipid deficiency in germinal centers of spleen: A multimodal IMS approach

Poster 2020: Cell Classification Using Single Cell Mass Spectrometry Through Interpretable Machine Learning

Poster 2020: Comparative MALDI MS analysis of human pancreatic islets - from tissues to individual cells

Poster 2020: Selective gas-phase Schiff base formation of phosphatidylserine lipids in imaging mass spectrometry using charge inversion ion/ion reactions

Poster 2020: Spatial Localization of Vitamin D metabolites in Mouse Kidney by Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Poster 2020: Multi-Modal Mass Spectrometry Imaging of an Animal Model of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Provides Deeper Coverage

Poster 2020: MALDI IMS and Comparative Pathology: Defining Molecular Constituents of Staphylococcal Tissue Abscess Formation and Maturation

Poster 2020: High Resolution Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Human Donor Eyes with Retinal Pathology

Poster 2020: Helicobacter pylori-induced Molecular Alterations in Gastric Tissue Visualized by Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Non-targeted exploration of metabolic processes and xenobiotic metabolism in plants exposed to micropollutants using mass spectrometry imaging

Poster 2020: Alterations in lipid profile of a depression model detected by MALDI-imaging mass spectrometry

Poster 2020: Comparative N-glycome analysis of prostate cancer tissues using MALDI Q-TOF versus MALDI-FTICR imaging mass spectrometry workflows

Poster 2020: Non-targeted exploration of metabolic processes and xenobiotic metabolism in plants exposed to micropollutants using mass spectrometry imaging

Poster 2020: Understanding Mitragyna speciosa alkaloid metabolism and pharmacology in rat brain using imaging mass spectrometry

Poster 2020: Lipid Distribution in Liver Is Disrupted in the Translocator Protein (TSPO, 18-KDa) Knockout Mouse Model

Poster 2020: Analysis of Novel Bioproduct Pathways in Populations of Arthrospira Platensis at Microorganism Resolution

Poster 2020: Comprehensive analysis of metabolites and biomarkers in lung using MALDI-MSI and DESI-MSI


Poster 2020: Developing an integrated high-throughput spectroscopic strategy for better understanding of food metabolomics

Poster 2020: Structural moieties and tissue distribution of hepatoprotective lignin-derived agent determined by isotopic labeling mass spectrometry

Poster 2020: Structural elucidation of sodium- and potassium-cationized phosphatidylcholines using electron induced dissociation

Poster 2020: Is High-Resolution Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Needed to Improve Metabolite Annotation?

Poster 2020: Sphingolipid variations between hypertensive and normotensive patients elucidated by Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Application of DART-9.4T FT ICR MS  to discovery of geo-location origin markers in small brown planthopper (Laodelphax striatellus)

Poster 2020: Preserved and variable spatial-chemical changes of lipids across leaves in response to wounding

Poster 2020: Metabolite Profiling of Centella asiatica L. Leaves using Ultrahigh Resolution Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Metabolite identification by assignment of collisional-cross section (CCS) and isotopic fine structure (IFS)

Poster 2020: Untargeted lipidomic analysis of human retinas using LC-MS/MS and MALDI imaging mass spectrometry

Poster 2020: Untargeted FTICR-MS Based Plasma Metabolomic Analysis and Translation to Type 2 Diabetes

Poster 2020: Elucidation of carotenoids in microalgae formulations by ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry combined with APCI

Poster 2020: Metabolic changes in murine hair follicles treated with Procyanidine-B2 rich nutraceuticals studied by Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)

Poster 2020: High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Essential Oil and Extractives from Norway Spruce buds

Poster 2020: Metabolomics study of klk8 deficient mouse with different instruments and ionization/detection methods

Pharma / Biopharma

Poster 2020: Structural Characterization of Glycans by Electron-Transfer/Higher-Energy Collision Dissociation

Poster 2020: Negative Ion Mode Electron Capture Dissociation of Synthetic Heparan Sulfate Oligosaccharides

Poster 2020: Identification of Synthetic Heparan Sulfate Glycosaminoglycan Hexasaccharides Epimers by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Negative Electron Transfer Dissociation Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Assaying Protein / Ligand Binding with High-Resolution Native Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Disentangling distorted distributions - improving z' ion assignment confidence and structural characterization of proteins by top-down MALDI-in-source decay MS

Poster 2020: Structure and dynamics of inorganic polymers in solution studied with high-resolution MS, LC/MS and 16O/18O exchange: focus on polyoxometales

Poster 2020: Discovery of Bioactive Proteins from Scorpion Venom using Two Dimensional Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: An Integrated Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategy for Analysis of Bromodomain-containing Protein 4 (BRD4) Mediated Histone Post-Translation Modifications

Poster 2020: Dissociation of mass-isolated encounter complexes of platinum(IV) prodrugs and ascorbic acid elucidates details on their bioactivation

Poster 2020: A Novel Top-Down Proteomics Method Empowered by Photocleavable Surfactant and Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography for Comprehensive Analysis of Phospholamban Proteoforms

Poster 2020: Selective N-terminal mass defect labelling of proteins for improved de novo top-down sequencing

Poster 2020: Comprehensive Profiling of O-linked Glycans in Bovine Submaxillary Mucin

Poster 2020: Multivariate Analysis of Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data Distinguishes Epimeric Glycosaminoglycans

Poster 2020: Two-Dimensional Electron Capture Dissociation Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometric Analysis of N-Linked Glycopeptides

Poster 2020: Ligand and Metal Binding to Wild Type and Mutant α-Synuclein

Poster 2020: Investigating the Impact of Heparan Sulfate Domain Structure on Interleukin 8 Heparan Sulfate interactions

Poster 2020: The Effect of Protein-Protein Interactions on the Pre-amyloid Structural Change of β-2-microglobulin as Measured by Covalent Labeling Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Supercharging for Improved ECD/ETD-Based Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry of Biotherapeutics

Poster 2020: Interpretation of the Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry Structural Proteomics Data using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Poster 2020: Negative-Ion Mode Data Independent Acquisition for an RNA Centric Approach to Analysis of UV Photo-Crosslinked Ribonucleoproteins by Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2020: Rapid assessment of protein structural heterogeneity using native LC/MS

Poster 2020: Label-free quantification for top-down two-dimensional mass spectrometry


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