Bruker Announces Release of New Honey-Profiling 2.0 Method for NMR FoodScreener® Platform at Analytica China

Expands Database for Detection of Sugar Syrups and Verification of Geographical and Botanical Origin

SHANGHAI, China - October 31, 2018 - At the Analytica China 2018 (, Bruker today announced the release of its proprietary Honey-Profiling 2.0 method for the NMR FoodScreener® platform, which has been granted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation already in 2015. The new method was developed in collaboration with partners QSI and Alnumed with an expanded reference database of 18,000 honey samples, 50 geographical origins and 100 botanical varieties. With Honey-Profiling 2.0, a full analysis of honey authenticity and quality is performed automatically in 25 minutes. 


Honey-Profiling 2.0 further improves the detection of sugar syrups in honey and considerably expands the scope of geographical and botanical origins that can be verified, including the popular manuka honey which is subject to fraud due to its high value. This non-targeted screening approach is unique to NMR and key to detecting "dynamic fraud".

Honey fraud recently made headlines in Australia, when testing of honey samples purchased at major supermarkets suggested adulteration with sweeteners, such as rice syrup. These events have further increased the interest of experts and food regulators in NMR screening to protect the purity of honey1. Governmental labs, independent testing labs and leading honey packers in Europe and North America are already using the Honey-Profiling method to test for adulteration of honey.

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Thomas Spengler, Senior Market Manager for Food Analysis at Bruker BioSpin, explained: "The standard, targeted methods have significant limitations, as they either focus on specific markers, which can be added to honey, or on specific adulterants, such as syrups from C4 plants. The fraudsters now are adding syrups to honey that can't be detected by the C4 tests, such as rice and beet syrups. The new Honey-Profiling 2.0 method addresses the need of non-targeted detection of sophisticated frauds, and we are committed to further updating our NMR methods." 

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