EVOLVE Your NMR Lab: Latest Innovations from Bruker and how You Can Upgrade Your NMR Experience

Bruker continues to innovate in the field of NMR and 2019 was no exception. Watch our webinar to learn about the latest products Bruker has to offer for automating and improving your NMR experiments.

2019 was a big year for Bruker. From reaching a record-breaking 1.2 GHz to launching new products that improve efficiency and sensitivity with NMR, Bruker continues to innovate.

Who to Expect

Latest advancements in NMR technology presented by Bruker:

  • Newest products presented at EUROISMAR 2019: a new benchtop NMR solution plus the record-breaking 1.2 GHz magnet
  • Latest updates on Bruker probes like the iProbe TBO and BioSolids CryoProbe
  • Newest innovations in solid-state NMR including DNP upgrade options to increase sensitivity
  • The latest in automation including our new SampleCase+
  • Plus, updates in Bruker software and services

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who performs NMR experiments or those looking to incorporate NMR into their research or workflows


Dr. Bjoern Heitmann

Product Manager for SmartDriveNMR at Bruker BioSpin

Studied physics at both undergraduate and PhD level, with his postgraduate studies focused around protein NMR. Since then, Bjoern has undertaken multiple postdoc positions before joining Bruker BioSpin in the R&D department. Bjoern has been with Bruker since 2006 and currently heads the Software R&D department.

Dr. Rainer Kuemmerle

Vice - President at Bruker Biospin / Head of NMR Applications

Dr. Rainer Kuemmerle is a Vice President and Head of NMR Applications at Bruker BioSpin.  He studied physics at the University of Konstanz and holds a PhD in physics from Université Joseph Fourier. Rainer has been with Bruker since May of 2000.

Dr. Anna Minoja

LabScape Global Product Manager at Bruker BioSpin

Anna Minoja is LabScape Global Product Manager in Bruker BioSpin.

She holds a chemistry Ph.D. from Milano University and worked in MPI Muelheim and Durham University NMR labs. In 1995, she joined Bruker Italy as a NMR Applicationist and later became Customer support Manager. In 2016, she moved into Product Management to develop post installation products as part of the Bruker Biospin customers solutions.