apples in a foil
apples in a foil
Free Webinar

Troubleshooting Food Packaging Materials by µ-FT-IR

Free Webinar

Troubleshooting Food Packaging Materials by µ-FT-IR

This webinar is aimed at the packaging industry, or more precisely, specialists involved in packaging in the food industry. In a first hands-on session, our host will first present two samples and then analyze them together with the audience. First, we will look for an EVOH layer in a multi-layer packaging film and then we will check the influence of the adhesive in a cold weld on a candy bar packaging. After that, the utility of FT-IR will be further illustrated briefly by other use-cases, before we continue with the question and answer session.

What you will learn about:

  • FT-IR microscopy in packaging failure analysis
  • Multi-layer polymer films and very thin layers (EVOH)
  • Behavior of adhesives in complex matrices
  • Troubleshooting of food packaging

What is the goal of the webinar:

  • Demonstrate the utility of FT-IR microscopy
  • Showcase the importance of unbiased data
  • Highlight the unique advantages of IR imaging

We will discuss:

  • Application example: Multilayer-Film with EVOH layer smaller than 2 µm
  • Application example: Cold weld seal on a candy bar wrapper
  • Further application examples from packaging materials

Who should attend:

  • Research experts in food packaging development
  • QC specialists for food packaging
  • Polymer experts and researchers

Eric Klein, Bruker Optics

Sales & Application / Compact Systems & Micro Analysis

Eric Klein started as an application specialist at Bruker in 2009 and has since taken on a leading role as solution expert in failure and root cause analysis using FT-IR microscopy. He has presented multiple webinars on the topic and likes to engage with the audience in Q&A sessions.