High-Performance Cement
High-Performance Cement
XRF & XRD Online Seminar:

Production of High-Performance Cement at Lowest Costs enabled by Latest Analytical Technology


The modern cement industry strongly relies on state-of-the-art analytical tools for process and quality control to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient production. Here, X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) technologies for quantitative elemental and phase analysis, respectively, play a key role.

XRF and XRD are used in all production steps, from the verification of raw materials like gypsum and limestone, to intermediate materials like hot-meal and clinker, and to final quality control of the finished cement product.

Bruker offers a full portfolio XRF spectrometers and XRD diffractometers to meet the challenging analytical requirements in the cement industry, including compliance with ASTM C114 and ISO 29581-2 / DIN EN 196-2.

In this seminar our experts will explain what XRF and XRD can do for you! In two live-from-the-lab sessions, we will show how to operate our spectrometers and provide valuable tips and tricks regarding sample preparation and handling. The seminar is particularly interesting for QA and lab managers, technicians, and researchers.

Production of High-Performance Cement at Lowest Costs enabled by XRF and XRD

Which Applications will be covered?

  • Grade Control of Industrial Minerals
  • Production & Quality Control of Raw-Meal, Clinker and Cement 
  • Monitoring of Hazardous Elements in Alternative Fuels 
  • Out-of-the box XRF solutions for the Cement Industry 
  • Detection and Quantification of Early Hydration in Cements
  • and more …
S8 TIGER SERIES 2 | XRF Wavelength Dispersive (WDX) Spectrometer

Agenda (60 min)

  • Introduction to Bruker’s Solutions for the Cement Industry
  • XRF Applications
  • Live-from-the-Lab Session 1: Automation
  • XRD Applications
  • Live-from-the-Lab Session 2: Benchtop XRF Solutions
  • Q&A Session with our Experts


Dr. Adrian Fiege

Product Manager XRF, Bruker AXS

Dr. Kai Behrens

Head of XRF Product Line Management, Bruker AXS

Frank Portala

Product Manager XRF, Bruker AXS

Renata Janjic

Application Scientist XRF, Bruker AXS

Rainer Schmidt

Market Manager Automation Solutions