Multimodal Animal Cradles (MMAC)

The Multimodal Animal Cradles (MMAC) allow for easy transfer of animals between different modalities:

  • MRI: BioSpec1 and PharmaScan
  • Albira
  • SkyScan 1276 & SkyScan 1278
  • MPI

1 not available for BioSpec 3T or instruments with inline PET.

Connections for animal monitoring, anesthesia and warming are interfaced to the main instrument with a one-click quick-lock connector. Animal cradles in different sizes are available for mice and rats.


  • Warm air warmed closed cradles
  • Quick-lock connector for anesthesia, warming and monitoring
  • Animals can be positioned head or tail first
  • Animal preparation station available

MMAC Animal Cradle Preparation Station

The quick-lock tabletop adapter preparation station for MMAC animal cradles is available to allow easy preparation of the animal and supervision of the next animal prior to imaging or while an instrument is still in use.