Toxic Industrial Monitor

Installation of TIMON has been greatly simplified by design. The enclosure is designed to be wall mounted. Power connection is by means of a standard captive cordset. All data generated by TIMON, including Analysis Data and Instrument States is output over a standard Ethernet connection; each device having a dedicated IP address.  

Designed for 24/7 operation, maintenance checks may only be required after 18 months of operation; this is identified over the WEB Interface. No preventive maintenance is required. No calibration or calibration gases are required at any time during the life of the system.





TIMON Features

  • Designed for the detection of toxic substances in air.

  • Contains an integrated sampling system.

  • Response speed in the order of just a few seconds.
  • State-of-the art sensor for chemical detection based on the principle of IMS 

  • Detection and Alarm data is provided to the operator over the integrated WEB interface.

  • Can be operated as a single device or within a Network