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Hand-held Radiation Survey Meter

The utility of the SVGps is further enhanced by the inclusion of an integrated GPS/GLOSNASS module linked to an internal data logger. Radiation measurements at specific GPS locations may be downloaded from the unit using the IR data transfer module and displayed directly on a map of the world.




The map scale can be adjusted to suit requirements, and contains street level data to allow accurate co-ordinates to be established for the recorded data. Running from a single, standard rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the system includes a solar panel to help maintain the battery charge level. For transport or storage, the SVGps is supplied in a robust case along with a comprehensive accessories pack.





  • Detects α, β, γ and x-ray ionising radiation
  • Automatic sensing of connected probe
  • GPS/GLOSNASS mapping software
  • Integrated GPS/GLOSNASS module and data logger
  • Operates from a single rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Integrated solar Panel
  • Lightweight with only 1.5 kg