Key Features

  • Unique 4-axis concept
  • 3D imaging of both large life specimens and clared tissue
  • Compact, vibration-free and robust design
  • Resolution down to 280 nm in 3D
  • Browser-based user interface

Product Overview

The MuVi SPIM is a horizontal setup designed to image large volumes very fast. The unique 4-axis concept with its two-sided illumination allows four combinations of illumination and detection.

This provides four orthogonal views of the specimen without the need for sample rotation, avoiding shadowing effects and facilitating long-term imaging. Combined with the sample mounting from below, this allows maximized acquisition speed and high precision of data fusion while preserving stability and integrity of the sample.

The MuVi SPIM capacities can be further extended to enable imaging of optically cleared samples and performing photomanipulation experiments (e.g. ablation, bleaching). For this purpose, the MuVi SPIM CS (Cleared Sample) and the MuVi SPIM PM (Photomanipulation) have been conceived.

Typical applications of the microscope include in toto imaging of animal models such as Zebrafish embryos, Drosophila larvae, marine biology samples, plant and root development, large cleared tissue samples. Adding the photomanipulation unit provides further flexibility, enabling optical interaction with the samples.



MuVi SPIM Platform

The MuVi SPIM’s compact, vibration-free and robust design provides maximal stability during your long-term experiments.

Tailored to fit your lab bench, this class 1 laser system does not require any air table or vibration compensation mechanism as all moving components are light-weighted and balanced with the motor technology. Maximal stability of focus and thermal conditions are also guaranteed. The proprietary piezo crawler stages ensure longevity and precision for a permanently accurate specimen positioning. Neither the images nor the natural growth behavior of your sample are affected by the gentle image recording. 

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MuVI SPIM Device Design


The MuVi SPIM LS is the very first light-sheet microscopy system by Luxendo.

Featuring a horizontal setup, it is designed to image large volumes of living objects very fast. The unique 4-axis concept with its two-sided illumination facilitates four orthogonal views of the sample without the need for rotation.

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The Luxendo MuVi SPIM CS is an extension of the MuVi SPIM capabilities to enable 3D imaging of optically cleared samples.

The sample chamber, the illumination and the detection unit in the octagon are adapted to match the experimental needs in terms of sample size, refractive index, field-of-view and resolution, adding high flexibility to the system.

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MuVi SPIM Cleared Sample


The Luxendo MuVi SPIM PM is an extension of the MuVi SPIM capabilities to enable photomanipulation of your sample.

Whether you want to cut structures within cells and tissues (photoablation), photobleach fluorescence in selected regions of interest for FRAP or activate proteins for optogenetics, the MuVi SPIM PM module can be configured to meet your needs by choosing between three different types of lasers systems. It can be added to both MuVi SPIM LS and CS (photomanipulation only possible when LS octagon mounted).

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MuVi SPIM Photomanipulation