HYPERION 3000 FTIR Microscope head



The HYPERION 3000 combines FTIR imaging and single point spectroscopy in one microscope. Two separated optics inside the microscope guarantee a highly accurate, distortion-free image of the sample on the FPA (Focal Plane Array) detector when performing chemical imaging, whereas a maximum light throughput is achieved when the single element detector is used.

With the FPA detectors used in the HYPERION 3000 up to 16,384 spectra can be measured simultaneously covering sample areas of up to 340 x 340 µm with a pixel resolution of 2.7 µm. To analyze larger areas the measured IR images are assembled. Even higher lateral resolutions are achieved by objectives with higher numerical aperture (20x, 36x).

FTIR imaging allows the spectroscopic examination of samples with a lateral resolution that is only limited by the wavelength dependent diffraction of light. Therefore, in mid-infrared a resolution of about 2.5 µm (at 4000cm-1) is possible in the measurement modes transmission and reflectance. To achieve such a high lateral resolution a pixel resolution of 1.1 µm is realized in the HYPERION 3000 equipped with 36x objective.

Pixel resolution in the HYPERION 3000 in transmission and reflectance:

ObjectivePixel in resolution
15x2.7 µm
20x2.0 µm
36x1.1 µm



The collection of the visual overview image of the sample, the selection of the interesting measurement area and the subsequent, automatic measurement are performed using the OPUS/Video software module. As result of the measurements the FTIR image data are stored in 3D files that can be processed with the standard data pre-processing and evaluation functions inside OPUS.

Results of the evaluation are typically chemical images of the sample that can be displayed two- and three-dimensional in various false color scales. For the evaluation of the 3D data OPUS offers a large variety of algorithms like the integration of bands, the correlation with pure component spectra, the 3D cluster analysis, the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and the calculation of RGB images.

To apply FTIR imaging on larger samples the imaging macro chamber IMAC is available, which is equipped with a modern FPA detector similarly to the HYPERION 3000. 


HYPERION 3000 can be coupled to Bruker's INVENIO and VERTEX Series FTIR Spectrometers.

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