HYPERION 3000 FTIR Microscope head

Visual inspection

Integrated LCD screen on the HYPERION makes the sample positioning and the identification of the region of interest more comfortable.

Before any sample can be analyzed by FTIR microscopy, the region of interest has to be located on the sample. However, many microscopic samples do not exhibit much contrast in the visible image. The HYPERION provides many different techniques to enhance the contrast for the visible inspection of the sample in transmission and reflection.


  • Nose piece with a wide variety of objectives
  • Köhler apertures
  • Rotatable polarizers before and after the sample in transmission and reflection
  • Bright and dark field illumination
  • Fluorescence illumination


To view the visible image of the sample the HYPERION is equipped with a high quality CCD-camera. Additionally an eye-piece is always present allowing the observation of the sample with absolutely unaltered colors. A powerful autofocus is optionally available.

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