VERTEX 80/80v FTIR spectrometers

The VERTEX 80 and the VERTEX 80v vacuum FTIR spectrometers are based on the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, which provides PEAK spectral resolution. The precise linear air bearing scanner and PEAK quality optics guarantees the ultimate sensitivity and stability. The VERTEX 80v is an evacuated optics bench that can eliminate atmospheric moisture absorptions for ultimate sensitivity and stability; enabling demanding experiments such as high resolution, ultra fast rapidscan, step-scan, or UV spectral range measurements. 

The VERTEX 80/80v optics design allows PEAK flexibility and at the same time PEAK instrument performance. The unique Bruker Optics DigiTect™ technology prevents external signal disturbance, guarantees PEAK signal-to-noise ratio and allows easy and reproducible detector exchange by the instrument user. The two optional external detector ports accommodate the liquid He dewars of bolometer and/or hot electron detectors. In combination with the external water cooled high power Hg-arc source, the recently rediscovered terahertz spectral range is accessible even with a room temperature operated DTGS-detector.

Spectral range extension

The VERTEX 80/80v can optionally be equipped with optical components to cover the spectral range from the far IR, or terahertz, through the mid and near IR and visible and up to the ultraviolet spectral range. With its pre-aligned optical components and the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, range change and maintenance are easy.


BMS-c: Bruker provides the high-precision beamsplitter exchange option BMS-c for the VERTEX 80v vacuum spectrometer.

Thus the remotely controlled automatic exchange of up to four different type of beamsplitters under vacuum conditions became possible. Now, the complete spectral range from the UV/VIS to the far IR/THz can be measured without the need to vent the spectrometer optics bench for manual beamsplitter exchange.

NEW: Bruker has extended the available range of beamsplitters by a new broad band far IR/THz beamsplitter for the VERTEX 80/80v FTIR spectrometer series. In particular for research and development of semiconducting and additional inorganic materials the new far IR solid state beamsplitter will provide additional values because it covers nominally the spectral range from above 900 cm-1 to appr. 5 cm-1 in one measurement and connects the mid IR with the very long wave FIR/THz wavelength ranges.

Optical resolution

The VERTEX 80 and the VERTEX 80v standard configuration provides apodized spectral resolution of better than 0.2 cm-1, which is sufficient for most ambient pressure gas phase studies and room temperature sample measurements. For advanced low temperature work, e. g. on crystalline semiconductor materials or gas phase measurements at lower pressure, a PEAK resolution of better than 0.06 cm-1 is available. This is the highest spectral resolution achieved using a commercial bench top FTIR spectrometer. High resolution spectra in the visible spectral range demonstrate a resolving power (wavenumber ν divided by spectral resolution ∆ν) of better 300,000:1.


The innovative optics design results in the most flexible and expandable R&D vacuum FTIR spectrometer available. With the evacuated optics bench, PEAK sensitivity in the mid-, near- and far IR regions is obtained without the fear of masking very weak spectral features by air water vapor absorptions. Outstanding results, e.g. in the area of nanoscience research down to less than 10-3 monolayers, can be obtained with the VERTEX 80v vacuum FTIR spectrometer. There are virtually no limitations with respect to flexibility. Five beam exit ports on the right, front and left side and two beam input ports on the right and rear side of the optics bench are available. This allows simultaneous connection of, for example, a synchrotron light source using the rear side input port, the PMA 50 polarization modulation accessory at the right side exit beam, a fiber optics coupling at the right front side port, a bolometer detector at the left front and the HYPERION series FTIR microscope at the left side exit beam.

Artificial Intelligent Network

A network of intelligent functions such as recognition of sampling accessories (AAR) and optical components (ACR), automatic set-up and check of measurement parameters and the permanent online checking (PerformanceGuard) of the spectrometer functionality makes FTIR spectroscopy easy, fast and reliable even for advanced R&D experiments.

The VERTEX 80 Series are the ideal instruments for demanding research and development applications.

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Technologies used are protected by one or more of the following patents: US 7034944

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