ALPHA Art Conservation

In recent years, FT-IR spectroscopy has increasingly been employed to analyze the surfaces of materials and objects before their restoration, providing valuable information for choosing the best restoration method. Though, traditionally the application of FT-IR spectroscopy was restricted to the laboratory, as it was not possible to analyze the artwork on-site. Samples of frescos or mural paintings had to be taken off-site and subsequently shipped to a laboratory for analysis. Using the ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer on-site analysis of all types of art objects is possible in a contactless and non-destructive manner.

Equipped with a front-reflection module the ALPHA just has to be placed in front of the art object to perform the analysis. An integrated video camera allows to exactly define the sample area to be measured. To allow flexible access to large samples the ALPHA can also be placed on a tripod. In addition, the ALPHA’s battery and wireless options enable extra portability features. 

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