TENSOR II FTIR Spectrometer

TENSOR II is a high performing FTIR spectrometer with a compact size. It combines the highest sensitivity and outstanding flexibility with an intuitive and easy to operate interface. These features make the TENSOR II the best choice for advanced applications in industrial R&D and academia.


Smooth Work Flow

TENSOR II provides a smooth and complete solution for your analytical work flow. To perform your sample analysis just follow the guideline of the intuitive software step-by-step. Save valuable time by unobstructed sampling, by sensitive thus short measurements and by using the most suitable evaluation method for your analytical question. The generation of a meaningful report closes the cycle before the next sample is analyzed.

Performance You Can Rely On

TENSOR II has been designed to extend the strength of the well-established TENSOR series by innovation. As the first spectrometer in its class TENSOR II utilizes a modern diode laser. Furthermore TENSOR II provides a new electronic stabilization function for the IR source.
These features greatly increase the life time of the two major wear parts in IR spectrometers and further reduce your maintenance costs and efforts.

Highest Quality for Highest Performance

The outstanding sensitivity of the TENSOR II is achieved by the high throughput of the well-proven RockSolidTM interferometer. It is controlled by an advanced electronic platform resulting in a high stability against mechanical shocks and vibrations.

Fit for Advanced IR Analysis

TENSOR II has a large sample compartment to accommodate virtually any FTIR sampling accessory. Together with the option to connect external accessories like the research grade FTIR microscope HYPERION, a thermogravimetric balance or the high throughput screening device HTS-XT almost unlimited sampling capabilities are provided.

Either with internal or external accessories the TENSOR II provides the superior signal-to-noise which is required for applications with a high demand on measurement sensitivity.

Constantly Verified Performance

TENSOR II automatically and constantly ensures reliable analysis results. All vital spectrometer components like interferometer, source, detector and interferometer are permanently checked. Periodically performed test measurements verify the functionality of the TENSOR II according to its specification.


TENSOR II is prepared with fully automated PQ (performance qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) routines for instrument validation in regulated pharmaceutical laboratories. Using internal NIST-traceable standards TENSOR II performs optionally validation tests according to US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia. The OPUS software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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Technologies used are protected by one or more of the following patents:
US 7034944; US 5923422; DE 19940981

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