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BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer

BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer

SSETM - Patented Fluorescence Mitigation

In many cases raw material verification by Raman spectroscopy is prevented due to fluorescence. BRAVO uses SSETM (Sequentially Shifted Excitation) a patented fluorescence mitigation that enables to measure a much wider range of raw materials with handheld Raman systems than ever before.

Duo LASERTM Excitation

The Duo LASERTM excitation provides highest sensitivity across the entire spectral range and hence guarantees for maximum unambiguous verification.

IntelliTipTM - Automated Measuring Tip Recognition

Whether you choose a tip for measuring samples in vials or through bags IntelliTipTM for BRAVO ensures this information to be stored in the records. There is no room for mistakes, IntellitipTM guarantees that if defined for a raw material BRAVO will advise which tip has to be used.

Intuitive and Guided Touch Screen Operation

Right from the login the operator is guided through an utmost intuitive workflow by simply touching icons. At each step available options are shown and results are clearly visible and presented self-explaining on the graphical user interface. On demand further information can be derived by various analysis tools.

Automated Batch Scan Reporting

The automated batch scan mode of BRAVO enables to analyze the same raw material provided in a larger number of lots while requiring a minimum of user adjustments. In particular it enables to easily switch between batch scans of different raw materials.

Inbuilt Wavenumber Calibration

The automated wavenumber calibration for BRAVO ensures highly reproducible measurements in combination with unmatched wavenumber accuracy for dispersive instrumentation which is crucial for raw material identification in validated environments.

Material, Method and Library Setup

Spectra of a single raw material present in e.g. various packaging can be stored in one comprehensive method separately. All methods are stored within a library that can be checked for consistency and signed. Note, that building a library is no time-consuming process. The acquisition time of spectra for a material to be stored in a library is identical to the one of verification in standard measurement mode.

Wireless Data Exchange

Data such as libraries and results can be transferred fast and reliable between the BRAVO and a PC using the integrated WLAN device. The WLAN configuration is easy to set up within the BRAVO graphical user interface network menu and can also be switched off if demanded.

Docking Station

The optional docking station allows charging the BRAVO and provides storage capabilities for the daily check sample (polystyrene) and one measuring tip. Also data transfer is possible between the BRAVO and a PC in case of wireless connectivity is switched off.