compact LC-MS/MS


Research-Grade Technology Meets High Productivity

The power of technology demanded for research applications is now available in a compact, robust and economic bench-top system.

Research-grade technology applied to every routine analytical task. The new Bruker compact QqTOF features:

  • 50 GBit/sec sampling technology maintaining full specification resolution even during ultrafast chromatography
  • Increased dynamic range for definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices
  • Low picogram sensitivity to rival the best triple-quadrupole sensitivity while delivering full scan, precise mass data
  • Superior 1 ppm mass accuracy ensured by automated calibration

Engineered for Dependable Precision

There is more to successful analysis than hitting the mark on one performance parameter at a time.

Don't accept compromise - go for instant expertise!



For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.