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Molecular Drug Imager: label-free compound mapping to support ADMET studies

Molecular Drug Imager provides a complete solution for label-free distribution monitoring of drug candidates and multi-generational metabolites. In silico metabolite prediction interfaces with MALDI Imaging results from 7T solariX XR, the highest performance mass spectrometer available, for automated mapping of test article and metabolites. Uncover new biochemical pathways by utilizing  the broadband detection capabilities of 7T solariX XR to correlate distributions of drug-related material with changes in endogenous compounds or histopathology.

Complete toolkit to:

  • Perform in silico metabolism starting from any drug structure. Use pre-defined or custom metabolism
    rules. Predict up to 4 Generations of metabolites.
In silico metabolism with Molecular Drug Imager 48842 5a68661ae1 350
  • Map target compounds and metabolites along with hundreds of endogenous compounds in a single label-free measurement. Combine data with histological images for unsurpassed ability to interrogate images.
Identification of target drugs and metabolites with Molecular Drug Imager 49001 5a6874b749 350
  • Calculate possible formula IDs for spatially resolved molecular images. Filter by mass defect to find previously unknown related compounds. Powerful identification workflow for DMPK, Toxicity, and Safety Assessment.
Calculation of sum formulae with Molecular Drug Imager 49003 5a6874b7a4 350
  • Generate multiple molecular images and visualize simultaneously. Directly compare multiple datasets.
Aquiration with Molecular Drug Imager 49005 5a6874b813 350Comparison with Molecular Drug Imager 49007 5a6874b872 350

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.