X-ray source 20…65kV, 50W, 50µm spot size, 4-position filter changer
X-ray detector flat panel CMOS sensor, 1944x1536 pixels, 14bit
Scanning Diameter 80mm in diameter; 200mm in length (80mm in length in one single scan)
Nominal Resolution <52µm at any location in the scanned volume
Reconstruction volume up to 1536x1536x1566 pixels
Reconstruction time mouse size (40mm diam., 80mm length) 13s for 100µm pixels, 45s for 50µm; rat size (80mm diam., 80mm length) 24s for 100µm pixels, 3m50s for 50µm
Radiation safety <1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface

System Dimensions

SkyScan 1278
SkyScan 1278
Touchscreen control
The user interface of the SkyScan1278 system is simple and intuitive. The instrument can be controlled from the computer screen and also from the embedded force-sensitive touchscreen, which can be operated by gloved hands. The touchscreen allows selection of scanning protocol, adjusting animal bed position and control of imaging and scanning. Where multiple animal scans are started from the touchscreen, the software will automatically save acquired data to separate subfolders with incrementally assigned folder names and dataset file prefixes.
1278 01
The SkyScan 1278 is supplied with exchangeable animal cassettes that can be used in all Bruker in-vivo imaging instruments for co-registration of functional and morphological information from the same animal. The cassettes are equipped with face mask and tubes for anaesthetic gas as well as with connectors for ECG electrodes and a temperature sensor. All tubes and contacts are combined to a single connector, which can be attached to or detached from the animal transport system by simple turn of a small slider. To prevent leakage of anaesthetic gas, corresponding connections have valves which stay closed if the animal cassette is disconnected from the animal transport system.