EMXnano - The New Standard for Bench-Top EPR

Giving you the power and flexibility you really need in an easy to use compact enclosure, the EMXnano brings affordable highend EPR performance to labs for the first time, delivering a real choice of analysis options.

For the first time in this instrument category quantitative EPR is offered at your fingertip, thanks to a fully calibrated instrument and inclusion of the Bruker patented spin counting module.

Routine Ease of Use with Unmatched Performance

Extending Bruker’s renowned EMX spectrometer family to the bench-top class, the EMXnano is a completely new development featuring the latest digital and microwave technologies. Combined with a new generation of magnet system with full range up to 6.5 kG and a highly efficient microwave resonator, this state-of-the-art bench-top instrument is superior in sensitivity and stability, making it ideal for a comprehensive range of analysis and teaching applications.

The new dedicated bench-top instrument requires minimal infrastructure with a low cost of ownership, making it suitable for a wide range of laboratory types.

Sensitivity and Stability

No matter what the focus of your application is, the crucial required strengths of an EPR spectrometer are sensitivity and stability. The latest generation magnet and microwave technology delivers class leading performance, enabling the EMXnano to combine both ease of use with highest quality EPR data.

Any customer can confidently add, or enhance, their lab with real world EPR:

  • Integrated, motorized reference standard (marker) for amplitude and g-factor
  • Reference free concentration determination of paramagnetic species (SpinCount)
  • Identification of paramagnetic species by spectrum simulation and fitting (SpinFit)
  • Spectral library including spin traps
  • Dedicated work flows for measurement and analysis
  • Remote system diagnostics
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