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How EPR Can Help Tackle Air Pollution

The Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University (LSU) focuses on the environmental challenges of pollution and chemical releases associated with human activities. Professor Slawo Lomnicki, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University, is studying air pollution, particularly emissions from combustion sources. His research also investigates the potential impact of these emissions on human health.

The Research

Identifying and monitoring the generation of free radicals from ambient particulate matter, and determining their oxidative potential is critical in understanding their adverse effects on human health. Because particulate matter is one of the largest transporters of pollutants, understanding their behavior in the air can help design more environmentally friendly combustion systems.

The Benefits of Benchtop EPR

EPR is the only method for the direct measurement of radicals, and the benchtop EMXnano is capable of detecting radicals at very low amounts of ambient particulate matter.

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