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Aeon Technology

Introducing Care-free NMR

With the introduction of the new Ascend Aeon technology, Bruker has now further responded to worldwide concerns regarding Helium shortages, as well as the rise in Helium costs.
Ascend Aeon magnets achieve this by combining the latest active-shielding technology with Bruker’s advanced, proprietary refrigeration designs featuring integrated low-vibration cryocoolers, thus providing reliable long-term operation - importantly without compromising NMR performance.

User convenience and independence from cryogen supplies

With scheduled refrigeration maintenance service from Bruker, all Ascend Aeon magnet systems can be operated by customers in a care-free manner for years.  Hundreds of preclinical MRI customers worldwide have been enjoying this level of convenience since the introduction of Bruker’s actively refrigerated MRI magnets more than a decade ago.

  • Robust and reliable operation without compromising NMR
  • Integrated cryocoolers with no moving parts
  • Integrated monitoring unit
  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Integrated sound insulation providing quiet operation

Ascend Aeon 700

Ascend Aeon 700
Ascend Aeon 700 magnet with integrated liquid Helium reliquefaction