Avance Neo NanoBay

More Compact & Always Multi-receive

AVANCE NEO offers a further integrated and thus more compact design: Each RF channel contains frequency generation, ADC and receiver in a single transceiver board. Hence every AVANCE NEO console is inherently multi-receive capable with any available nucleus and probe combination.

Further Enhanced Dynamic Range

State of the art ADC and receiver electronics improves sensitivity of AVANCE NEO consoles at low receiver gains compared to the AVANCE III HD.

NMR Thermometer™

By combining both, 2G DigiLock and SmartVT, the unique Bruker NMR Thermometer™ controls the sample temperature via the temperature dependent 2H chemical shift of the NMR signals inside the sample.

NEO NanoBay system
Spectrometer overview of 400 MHz Ascend with Prodigy CryoProbe and AVANCE NEO Nanobay console.