Biotop image transp

User interface

BioTop “knows” your experiments. Based on your selection of experiments, bioTop optimizes and maintains consistency for commonly used and shared parameters. It also offers an easy import of parameters optimized for your sample if already done, as well as parameter reporting in PDF format for your documentation.

Suppported operating systems

Automated processing of datasets is currently supported up to 3D spectra including non-uniform sampling and pseudo3D spectra. Recorded a relaxation experiment? Within a mouse click you will get the analysis using Protein Dynamics Center, so you can assess the data quality in no time.

A graphical user interface helps the experienced user to include his own pulse programs and/or parameter sets. The possibility to start from an existing experiment description makes this a very easy task. Happy with the experiments already included? You can still use the user-defined section to rename experiments or resort them into presets that suit your needs.

System requirements

Any liquid state high resolution spectrometer running TopSpin 3.5, equipped with a triple channel (H/C/N) probe.

bioTop is included in TopSpin 3.5 (pl6+).