Setting industry standards with TopSpin™

Bruker’s TopSpin™ software package for NMR data analysis and the acquisition and processing of NMR spectra.

The latest release of TopSpin® software, 4.0, features a new, user-friendly GUI which provides easy access to vast experiment libraries including standard Bruker pulse sequences and user generated experiment libraries for both industrial and academic users. The GUI enables users to build and organize their own customized experiment libraries via simple drag and drop, provides multiple options for experiment setup and optimization, enables script based parameter adjustment, and makes the setup of sophisticated experiments simple and efficient.

TopSpin offers a fully workflow-oriented user interface and exploits the latest 64-bit features of modern Windows / CentOS / macOS operating systems for optimum memory usage. Both its new workflow-oriented and intuitive user interface and optimized sample data management deliver a long list of additional innovative features, all designed to speed up operation and sample analysis throughput for higher cost efficiency.

TopSpin was designed with a highly intuitive interface utilizing the most widespread standards familiar from word processing, graphics or presentation programs, providing the same look-and-feel for your NMR applications on Windows®, Linux®, and Mac.

TopSpin is available free of charge for all academic users. The academic license is available here.


To download the latest Topspin version, click here.


  • Full control of your Avance and Fourier spectrometers
  • Intuitive industry standard user interface, the perfect solution for both routine users and experts
  • Comprehensive functionalities for processing, displaying and analyzing single and multidimensional spectra
  • Assisted acquisition
  • Advanced non-uniform sampling methods
  • Unlimited offline processing capabilities
  • Small molecule characterization
  • BioToolsTM - Biomolecular NMR made easy
  • Method development environment
  • Result publishing, predefined and user-defined layouts
  • Lineshape analysis for solid-state NMR, including dynamic NMR
  • Simple and efficient structure elucidation of small molecules with CMC-seTM
  • Regulatory compliance support tools (audit trailing, electronic signature, autoarchiving)
  • Special licenses for students and universities