IProbe 1154x400

iProbe: The Next Generation of NMR Probes

The successful iProbe series has set the standard for routine chemistry NMR applications. The series is now extended with two new probes.

iProbe CPMAS

Designed to support fully automated workflows, the iProbe CPMAS features an automated magic angle calibration, auto tuning and matching for solid-state magic angle spinning (MAS) experimets as well as support for sample changers. The iProbe CPMAS offers true, optimized results in automation. It is available for 400,500 and 600 MHz systems in HX channel configurations.

iProbe TBO

The series is further expanded by the iProbe TBO, a triple resonance broadband NMR probe specificially designed for the detection of fluorinated compounds in pharma, polymer and biological sciences. The iProbe TBO can observe any nucleus in the range from 31P to 15N with simultaneous decoupling on 1H and 19F and therefore reduces the need for probe changes and eliminates the need for multiple probes. The addition of 19F to the successful iProbe platform results in no compromise for heteronuclei and virtually no loss on proton sensitivity. Auto tuning and matching capability on all channels allows full automation.

iProbe Series Features

The new generation Bruker iProbe is setting again the NMR standard:

  • Increased performance for signal-to-noise & pulse width performance
  • SmartProbe requires no external RF filters with AVANCE NEO
  • Pulsed field gradients of >50 G/cm @10A
  • Fast automatic tuning & matching with 2G ATMA
  • Automatic probe recognition (ID, nuclei, RF power, T-range, ...)
  • Improved ergonomic design with quick and easy probe exchange
  • Integrated VT adapter