Quadrupole Resonance Probe (QXI)

An extensively used observe tunable multinuclear probe, optimized for X-nuclei detection.

Bruker’s Quadruple (QXI) Resonance Probes are used extensively for the family of quadruple resonance experiments developed to perform NMR structure determination of biological macromolecules. Select a probe with decoupling nuclei to match your sample requirements.

Quadruple Resonance Probes give you access to advanced NMR techniques, letting you pulse up to four nuclei in one experiment.

The inner coil of this probe is optimized for 1H observation. The inner coil is also tuned for decoupling of one specified nucleus. The outer coil of QXI probes is optimized for decoupling of two specified nuclei. You can simply switch between decoupling nuclei using an automated tuning and matching device (ATM). If you add a deuterium lock switch, you can decouple 2H as well, permitting decoupling of up to four nuclei in a single pulse sequence.