Banner 111kHz CPMAS 07 mm probe

111 KHz probe for ultra-fast magic angle spinning

New insights from NMR analysis of biological solids and materials

  •  Fastest available MAS frequency
  •  Stable regulation
  •  Unique possibilities in both biological solid state NMR and material science solid state NMR
  •  Available for standard- and wide bore
  •  Tools provided for easy filling and handling of the small diameter rotor and caps
  •  High sensitivity despite small sample volume by high mass sensitivity and high RF fields strength

Bruker developed the 111 kHz MAS probe for ultra-fast magic angle spinning to provide a new tool for spectroscopists in solid-state NMR who need to improve their analytical capabilities with challenging samples. With a sample volume of 0.5µl and unsurpassed sensitivity, this probe is the perfect tool for studying structure and dynamics of biological samples as well as materials.

This new probe provides researchers with greater flexibility in terms of sample volume and spinning requirements, depending on the sample of interest. A newly developed MAS control unit, the MAS III controller, ensures the most stable MAS regulation at low and very high rotation rates.  The 111 kHz MAS probe is available for all Bruker standard and wide bore NMR systems and comes with various tools, including a microscope for filling and easy handling of the small diameter rotors and caps.

"The ultra-fast magic angle spinning capabilities of Bruker’s 111 KHz MAS probe allows for the direct and high resolution observation of proton resonances from complex biomolecules. We get double the resolution in protonated samples compared to 60 kHz spinning. As such it is a great new tool in our arsenal for the structure determination of proteins, a critical need for studying disease mechanisms."

- Prof. Lyndon Emsley, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon