• Field strengths from 4.7 to 7 T deliver maximum sensitivity for high speed and high resolution MRI applications
  • Minimum stray fields are guaranteed by Bruker's UltraShield™ technology enabling easy and cost efficient siting


  • Spectrometer platform AVANCE™ III enables both MRI and MRS applications
  • Scalable architecture provides up to 4 parallel receiver channels
  • Real-time spectrometer control (optimization of acquisition parameters during scan)
  • Digital pre-emphasis and digital RF generation


  • Standard actively shielded  gradient system
  • Integrated shim coils deliver optimal field homogeneity
  • Extra cooling produces unique duty cycle specifications

RF Coils

  • Volume resonators at a range of 23 mm up to 72 mm inner diameter
  • Active RF decoupling allows operation of independent transmit and receive coils
  • Multi-channel array coils enable parallel imaging applications
  • Integrated preamplifiers guarantee optimal sensitivity over a large dynamic range
  • Hardware recognition of RF coils automatically configures all relevant parameters