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3D Surface Measurement

3D Optical Microscopy

Bruker is the worldwide leader in 3D surface measurement and inspection, offering fast, non-contact analyses for samples ranging in size from microscopic MEMS to entire engine blocks. Our microscopes are the culmination of ten generations of proprietary Wyko® Technology advances that provide the high sensitivity and stability necessary for precision 3D surface measurements in applications and environments that are challenging for other metrology systems.

Benchmark Vision Software for Enhanced Operation and Analysis

Bruker’s industry-leading Vision64® Operation and Analysis Software provides the industry’s most functional and streamlined graphical user interface.  Combining intelligent architecture with intuitive visual workflow and extensive user-defined automation capabilities, Vision 64 enables fast and comprehensive data collection and analysis. New Vision64 Map extends these capabilities even further by opening up streamlined access to automated reporting in 11 languages. These new features allow advanced surface measurement reporting compatible across a wide range of industry standards.

Bruker’s 3D optical microscope systems feature the industry’s top service and support, and have a proven track record of robust performance, with thousands of installations in settings ranging from research labs to manufacturing shop floors and semiconductor fabs. With specialized instruments for advanced QA/QC and R&D precision machining and manufacturing applications within the automotive/aerospace, high-brightness LED, solar, semiconductor, and medical device markets, Bruker has a 3D optical microscopy solution that will fit your application and budget.

3D Surface Measurement

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