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Industry’s Best Available Lateral and Vertical Resolution in a 3D Optical Microscope

Built on three decades of proprietary Wyko® white light interferometric (WLI) hardware and software technology innovation, Contour Elite systems patented tip/tilt in the head, high-fidelity imaging capabilities, patent-pending illumination design, and proprietary software algorithms for data processing, analysis and visualization. A large field of view and objective magnifications from 0.5X to 230X provide characterization over an extremely wide range of surface shapes and textures. Industry-leading Vision® software comes standard with each system, and optional R&D 100 Award-winning AcuityXR® measurement technology enables the systems to break the diffraction limit.

The Contour Elite microscopes are available with an automated 150-millimeter (6-inch) stage or a 300-millimeter (12-inch) stage. For cylindrical samples there is also an option for a roller stage that can be used to rotate the parts to acquire surface data. 

Contour GT-I Tip-Tilt
Traditional pitch-and-roll stage designs require operator adjustment of five axes of motion to maintain point of inspection on line of sight for measurement. The unique Bruker tip/tilt in the head design maintains the line of sight on the point of inspect

Additional customization and capabilities are available through optional software packages, such as Optical Analysis, SureVision, and automated MATLAB scripting. Whatever your application, Contour Elite allows you to select the optimal surface characterization solution.

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