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Life Sciences Research AFMs

Bruker has been helping biologists discover, understand, publish and advance their knowledge of biological systems ever since our introduction of TappingMode™ expanded AFM use into life sciences research. Utilizing proprietary AFM features specifically designed for life sciences research, only Bruker’s Bio AFMs deliver the highest quality results for quantitative live-cell mechanical property mapping, highest resolution molecular and cellular imaging, and fast scanning of dynamic biological processes, as well as seamless integration of AFM with advanced optical microscopy techniques.

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JPK NanoWizard AFMs

Most Flexible BioAFMs

Small Sample AFM BioScope Resolve v1

BioScope Resolve

World's Most Advanced Bio AFM




Cell Hesion200

JPK CellHesion

Single Cell Force Testing Solution

Nano Tracker

JPK NanoTracker

Force-Sensing Optical Tweezers

FastScan 230x187

Dimension FastScan Bio

High-Speed AFM for Biological Dynamics


Force Robot300

JPK ForceRobot

Automated Force Spectroscopy