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Easiest to Use AFM for Spectroscopy in Nanostructured Materials

  • Ergonomic hardware and streamlined software with integrated setup diagnostics deliver instant research quality results
  • Experiment Selector” distills decades of knowledge into preconfigured settings, mitigating the complexity of traditional TERS setups

Highest Performance, Most Complete AFM Capabilities

  • Fully featured suite of advanced topographic, electrical, mechanical, and thermal AFM capabilities enables correlated property mapping
  • System design for noise and drift elimination enables high-resolution imaging and long Raman integration times

True Nanoscale Spectroscopy Targeted to Your Application

  • Modular accessories tailor system to targeted applications
  • Optimized optical access enables capture of weak Raman signals for nanoscale chemical mapping, even on challenging samples

The Most Complete TERS Solution

  • Innova-IRIS is compatible with Bruker's new high-contrast IRIS TERS probes, providing a complete TERS solution with highest sensitivity and spatial resolution

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