AFM Modes & Techniques

With an unrivalled suite of imaging modes available, Bruker has an AFM technique for every investigation

Understanding the characteristics of materials and molecules at the nanoscale often requires visualization of the surface topography or structure of a sample. But topography alone tells only part of the story.

Built on the backbone of core imaging modes—Contact Mode and Tapping Mode—Bruker offers AFM modes that allow users to probe their samples’ electrical, magnetic, or materials properties. As research progresses, users demand more versatility in the available modes and techniques.

Bruker’s innovative new PeakForce Tapping technology represents a new core imaging paradigm that has been incorporated into several modes, providing topographic, electrical, and materials properties data in parallel.

Bruker offers a versatile range of AFM instruments that can be equipped with many scanning modes, a solution for every application.

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