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Materials Science

Materials Science Beyond Simple Mechanics

Bruker's Hysitron instruments enable the acceleration of materials science by measuring material properties across length scales, providing a fundamental understanding of complex structure, property, processing, and performance relationships. Future technologies rely on the research and development of novel new materials with specific properties for specific applications. The ability to synthesize, control, manipulate, and characterize materials at the nanoscale-to-microscale is essential for next-generation advances in materials science.

Bruker has developed the broadest range of hybrid nanomechanical test instrumentation and characterization techniques, allowing researchers to stretch the limits of traditional materials and design entirely new material systems. Bruker’s range of complimentary characterization techniques are aimed at achieving revolutionary progress in materials development.

Enhancing Understanding in Materials Science

Nanoindentation of Metals | Bruker


Understanding relationships of microstructure, alloying, surface treatments, & temperature on mechanical & tribological properties.

Nanoindentation of Ceramics | Bruker


Quantifying grain, particle, and interfacial properties for improved mechanical and tribological properties.

Nanoindentation of Polymers | Bruker


Measuring viscoelastic properties and glass transition temperatures of glassy, amorphous, and multiphase polymeric materials.


Nanoindentation of Composites | Bruker


Discovering properties of individual constituents and interfaces for particulate reinforced, fiber reinforced, and laminate composite structures.