G6 LEONARDO – Highest Reliability and ECOnomics

The G6 LEONARDO with FusionControl and SampleCareTM achieves the highest level of robustness and economics for industrial process- and quality-control.

The G6 LEONARDO is based on the inert gas fusion (IGF) principle, which involves fusion of the sample material in a graphite crucible at high temperatures. The gas fusion analysis (GFA) principle is also commonly termed melt extraction (ME) since the total oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen is extracted by an inert carrier gas when the sample melts.

The three non-metals Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N) and Hydrogen (H) determine the quality, service life and mechanical properties of all metallic materials. Unlike metallic alloy components, the amount of O, N and H sometimes changes considerably along the entire process chain, from the production of raw materials to the completion of the finished product. Even when present in trace amounts, O, N and H have a very critical effect on the material properties.

Optimized with user-friendly features

The G6 LEONARDO with SampleCareTM technology deploys the reliable Smart Molecule SequenceTM for robust and precise elemental analysis of ONH. With its pre-calibrated standard methods and argon carrier gas instead of helium, the G6 LEONARDO addresses the needs of industrial process and quality control for easy and cost-effective operation.

The G6 LEONARDO is available as single (O, N, or H) or dual element (ON or OH) analyzer. The analyzer comes with preconfigured methods for standard applications like: ON or H in steel and titanium, O in copper, OH in magnetic materials and metal powders for additive manufacturing and is also applicable for other inorganic material like glass and ceramics.

Electrode Furnace with SampleCare  and FusionControlTM
Electrode Furnace with SampleCare and FusionControl

FusionControl & SampleCareTM for Highest Accuracy and Reliability

The aim of an IGF analysis is to determine the sample content of the light elements O, N and H in the trace range with absolute accuracy. That is why our G6 LEONARDO applies the Smart Molecule SequenceTM and measures the gases emitted by the sample directly, absolutely unchanged, 1:1, with proven scientific principles for trustworthy results. It also allows oxygen determination without additional chemicals, ensuring high reliability and low cost of ownership.

FusionControl - Temperature matters

The temperature applied to the sample is the most important parameter for an accurate analysis. FusionControl in the G6 LEONARDO prevents overheating and the formation of hydrocarbons and other undesirable byproducts. Thanks to FusionControl’s exact sample temperature control, the traditional approach of heating up the sample as high as possible is no longer necessary.

Highest Reliability and ECOnomics

The G6 LEONARDO introduces SampleCareTM into oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analysis to achieve the highest level of robustness and economics for industrial applications.

SampleCareTM consists of:

  • EZDriveTM, the proven electronic motion module for automatic and torque limited positioning of the crucible, operating without additional need for compressed air. It ensures improved electrical contact between crucible and electrodes, while protecting the crucible against damage
  • The sample port integrated into the water-cooled furnace protects delicate samples from undesirable heating and hydrogen losses for better hydrogen results
  • High capacity dust trap and in-line particle filtering system


G6 LEONARDO – Simplicity @ its best

SampleCareTM, Smart Molecule SequenceTM including FusionControl and ready-to-use precalibrated methods for many industrial standard applications make the G6 LEONARDO a great choice for process and quality control in primary metal manufacturing and processing, ceramics, and powder metallurgical processes.

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Sample Types

Inorganic, dry, any form or shape

Sample Dimensions8 x 8 mm cross section (pieces, chips, pins, granules), different sample ports available for special applicationsWide variety of sample materials

Nitrogen and Hydrogen

Nondispersive IR absorption of CO, no moving parts, multiple range detectors with reference beam and on-board linearization
Thermal conductivity detector with reference channel and
adjustable gain amplifier

Reliable, maintenace-free performance without drift

Reliable, adjustable ranges, drift free
Water-cooled Electrode Furnace with FusionControlSolid high temperature operation for refractories, precise temperature control

Sample Port

Particle Filtering

Lower electrode movement by reliable electronic motion module

Rotating sample port integrated into water cooled furnace block

High-capacity dust trap followed by in-line particle filtering

Robust, cost-saving operation without working gas. Automatic, torque limited readjustment ensures ideal crucible:electrode contact and safety for crucible, furnace and operator.

Shields sensitive samples from heat input and hydrogen losses before analysis. Allows capsule-free measurement of grains without jamming.

Stable analytical results with reduced maintenance and
component protection
Cooling Water

4 l/min at 3 bar supply pressureFits on every usual tap water line, tap, water-saving
design with solenoid valve, chiller also possible
Carrier Gas
Ar (O, N), He (O, N), N2 (H) each 99.995 % purity
(99.9990 % for trace analysis)
Flexible carrier gas choice without compromises
Noise Emission
< 55 dB(A) peakEnjoy the silence
Single and multipoint calibration, advanced weighting algorithm with error bars and range mergingEasy simultaneous calibration of all ranges with
  • Magnesium perchlorate
  • Sodium hydroxide on support
  • Copper oxide, rare earth base (N-model)
  • Schuetze reagent (H-model)
Power Supply
400 - 480 VAC (± 10 %), 50-60 Hz, 32 A, 7 kVA, 1 Phase plus N or 2 Phase, grounding wire
230 VAC (± 10 %), 50-60 Hz, 64 A, 7 kVA available as option
Compatible to worldwide power and current
Models AvailableSingle or dual element O, N, H, ON, OHIdeal tool for process and quality control
Dimensions and Weight71 x 66 x 78 cm (W x D x H), ~145 kgCompact form, easy to maintain

*) Depending on configuration

Iron, Steel, Cobalt, Nickel, Ferroalloys

Iron, Steel, Cobalt, Nickel, Ferroalloys

Determining the amount of oxygen and nitrogen is critical during the steel making process, the final alloy adjustment by addition of ferroalloys but also for the production of nickel- and cobalt-base alloys. The G6 LEONARDO combines the ease-of-use and robustness to deliver fast and accurate oxygen and nitrogen results for the Quality- and Process-Control in these production processes.

Metal Processing

Metal Processing

From stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium to zirconium and further special metal compositions, the G6 LEONARDO delivers vital knowledge about the chemical material composition to every demanding metal processing task in aviation, space, automotive, biomedical, electronic and similar industries.

Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing

Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing

Metal powders used in additive manufacturing and other powder metallurgical processes are high purity materials with strictly defined particle properties. Their large specific surface makes them susceptible to “aging” by oxidation/moisture along the production chain with oxygen and hydrogen content dominating the yield rate and product quality. The ready-to-use G6 LEONARDO addresses the needs of such emerging industrial applications.

Copper Production

Copper Production

The most important quality factor when grading copper is the level of residual impurities, primarily the oxygen level. High oxygen levels increase the tendency for hydrogen embrittlement and intergranular failure. The Smart Molecule SequenceTM, ensures the G6 LEONARDO analyses oxygen with high reliability and low cost of ownership, while precise simultaneous oxygen and hydrogen analysis is available in dual element configurations with FusionControl.

Aluminum and Magnesium

Aluminum and Magnesium

Oxygen and hydrogen play a dominant role during the production and processing of these reactive light metals. Oxygen forms insoluble, refractory inclusions whereas hydrogen, dissolved in the liquid melt, is trapped during solidification, creating hydrogen filled voids and blisters. With its unique FusionControl and SampleCareTM, the G6 LEONARDO is an ideal quality control tool for the aluminum producing industry.

Glass & Ceramics

Glass & Ceramics

From industry refractory materials to high performance ceramics in electronics or in metal cutting, refractory oxides, nitrides and carbides have a wide usage. The unique properties of glass and ceramics are influenced in fundamental ways by the level of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen present in the process or in the final product. With SampleCareTM, FusionControl and its robustness, the G6 LEONARDO is an excellent tool for the fast analysis of raw materials, intermediates and final products.

Titanium, Zirconium and other Refractory Metals

Titanium, Zirconium and other Refractory Metals

Titanium combined with elements like aluminum, vanadium, molybdenum produces low-density, high-strengths alloys with excellent corrosion-resistance. These high performance alloys used in space, aviation, military, nuclear, biomedical and other demanding applications are affected by their oxygen and nitrogen content, but the most critical specification is the hydrogen content leading to hydride precipitation and subsequent cracking. The G6 LEONARDO is prepared to address the needs of these demanding industries.

Magnetic Materials

Magnetic Materials

The evolution of high strengths permanent magnets is related to the application of rare earth metals. Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets show a high tendency to absorb hydrogen, leading to fatal hydrogen embrittlement. Actually, hydrogen is a vital agent in the manufacturing process but is also during recycling of the rare earth metal, while oxygen reduces the magnetic efficiency. The G6 LEONARDO is an economic and easy-to-use tool for process control on both elements during all production stages.

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