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Simplicity delivers affordable science

QUANTAX ED-XS is a new integrated EDS & EBSD system enabling entry level SEMs with affordable and powerful analytical capabilities previously reserved for expensive traditional EDS & EBSD systems.

A 6th generation 30 mm2 XFlash® Silicon Drift Detector (LN2-free cooling) provides an excellent balance between high throughput rates and light element detection capabilities. The highly capable XFlash® detector is complemented by the newly developed and world’s most reliable and easy-to-use EBSD detector: e-Flash XS.

The two detectors are mounted on a port adapter designed for optimum sample-to-detector geometry during simultaneous EDS and EBSD acquisition.  Bruker’s high performance ESPRIT 2 software completes the package to create a powerful, yet easy-to-use analytical tool. Data is acquired, processed, and evaluated using the same software, thus enabling many useful interactive features. 

Major benefits


  • Full analytical power enabled by versatile ESPRIT 2 software
  • Easy-to-use integrated EDS & EBSD
  • Binning capable CMOS EBSD camera combines the best of CMOS and CCD


  • Low initial investment cost
  • Full-featured software suite with future expansion capabilities
  • Low cost of ownership: Very low downtime using Field Replaceable Units (FRU)
  • Attractive service contract options


  • Safe operation: When not in use, both detectors have 0% chance for accidental collision with SEM stage or other instruments
  • Field-proven Bruker reliability