Micro-XRF on SEM

QUANTAX Micro-XRF Applications

QUANTAX Micro-XRF extends the analytical range of your energy-dispersive spectrometer. Applications include failure analysis, determination of trace elements in solids of all kinds, including complex samples like PCBs, qualitative and quantitative compositional analysis, including combined quantification of Micro-XRF and EDS spectra and finally, element distribution analysis in form of stage line scan and map.  Find typical examples here, including combined Micro-XRF and EDS analysis.

PCB and multilayer analysis

MIcro-XRF Map of a PCB with ICs
Micro-XRF map of an electronics board with ICs. The noticably different color mix compared to the EDS map (next) is an effect of the higher penetration depth of X-ray excitation, especially copper (Cu) seems to be concentrated in deeper layers

Both the trace element sensitivity and depth of information make Micro-XRF an attractive means for analyzing all kinds of PCBs including multilayer boards.

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Measuring hazardous elements

EDS and Micro-XRF Spectra of a Polymer Sample
Comparing Micro-XRF and EDS spectra of a polymer standard. Micro-XRF detects several elements, chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb) and bromine (Br) of which only Cr is visible in the EDS spectrum.

International regulations like RoHS impose strict limits on the content of hazardous elements in materials, Micro-XRF is well suited for their determination.

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Combined Micro-XRF and EDS quantification

Quantification Results of a NIST 620 Glass Standard
Comparing quantification XRF, EDS and combined quantification results with certified element concetrations of a NIST 620 glass standard

The combination of Micro-XRF and EDS quantification results for the most accurate analysis is a real strength of the ESPRIT 2 software.

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Mineral wool analysis

Mineral Wool Samples
Photo of the analyzed mineral wool samples

This application shows how Micro-XRF for SEM can be used to distinguish between different types of mineral wool.

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Alloy identification

Optical Image of a Copper Alloy Piece
Optical image of a piece of copper alloy analyzed with Micro-XRF and EDS

Micro-XRF is well suited for the identification of alloys, including small particles.

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