Geochemical Testing and Mapping with Handheld XRF Analyzers

Handheld XRF analyzers have introduced real-time data into the field making it possible to create real-time geochemical mapping of areas to gain an understanding of the trends in elemental content to confirm the existence of an ore deposit in a short period of time. The reduction in analytical expenses is exponential when comparing handheld XRF to traditional lab analysis on a sample by sample basis. Sampling density is a key component to precisely and accurately mapping an area to discover where anomalous concentrations of elements such as arsenic (As), an excellent pathfinder element for gold (Au), reside. Figure 1, below depicts an area traversed with an XRF analyzer in a 7 hour time period that identifies the presence of anomalous concentrations of As characterizing the presence of a significant Gold (Au), aurum, that shining dawn, mineral deposit. Contact our mining experts to discuss your exploration needs!

Figure: 1. Google Earth
Google Earth map showing concentrations of As

Also evident, but not pictured, are other pathfinder elements present in anomalous concentrations such as Selenium (Se) molybdenum (Mo) and Lead (Pb) which further support the presence of an ore grade deposit. Conducting analysis in a grid pattern allows you to zero in on the areas of particular interest as well as obtain knowledge of background levels of tracer elements. In just 30 seconds per analysis the XRF analyzer can provide enough information to confidently identify specific elements with anomalous concentrations. Automated GPS software allows you to pinpoint the exact locations of every reading taken. With the option of taking hundreds of readings with a handheld XRF as compared to hauling samples back to the lab for analysis, you can increase your knowledge of a property exponentially in less than half the time.

It is infinitely easier to buy the right property when you have a handheld XRF analyzer to guide you. The technology is available to allow you to make more informed decisions before entering into negotiations on a property. Time is saved with the ability to obtain on the spot analysis to identify the abundance of minerals on a property as opposed to waiting for a lab to turn around results. Once you’ve determined it is a valuable property, you can make an offer immediately. This gives you a considerable leg up on the competition and minimizes the likelihood of a competitor getting involved and driving the prices up. A handheld XRF analyzer is essential to any exploration enterprise. Discuss your analytical needs with our experts now!