Setting Standards in Micro-XRF Analysis

Compact measurement head

ELIO is a portable and non-contact Micro-XRF spectrometer characterized by a 1 mm spot size, excellent energy resolution, powerful X-ray tube, integrated video camera and laser-based alignment system.

The instrument supports fast measurements based on high excitation intensity and fast stage movement. The state-of-the-art silicon drift detector (SDD) technology enhanced by the advanced CUBE readout approach yield an energy resolution of less than 140 eV at MnKα with high output count rate (OCR). The powerful 50 kV X-ray source combined with the close measurement geometry enable non-contact measurements within seconds.

Flexible setting options for the X-ray tube anode, filters and collimators provide optimized performance for all applications of interest.

Enhanced performance

The ELIO micro-XRF spectrometer can be equipped with several X-ray filters (e.g. Al, Ag, Cu, Ti, or multilayer filters) to optimize the excitation conditions for specific applications. The user can select and easily change the filter to increase the measurement sensitivity for specific elements of interest. This enables the analysis of trace elements on the ppm level for a variety of matrices.

ELIO's ability to work in helium atmosphere in combination with its low background and excellent energy resolution enable the detection of light elements.

Comfortable operation

Two video cameras can be connected to the ELIO along with the integrated microscope camera. LEDs provide sample illumination, while alignment lasers help position and identify the measurement point.

ELIO with painting

Micro-XRF mapping gets portable

With the addition of its mapping option, ELIO becomes the only truly portable industrial mapping system. Using the standard tripod, maps of 10 cm x 10 cm can be acquired with the full energy range to detect both light and heavy elements. The software stores an image for every pixel, allowing easy back-tracing of information. ELIO's 1 mm spot size enables the acquisition of high resolution maps with a level of detail consistent with the feature size of many art works and historical documents.

More info

ELIO Brochure (PDF)