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LYNXEYE-XE, X-ray diffraction, 1D Detector

XRD Detectors

Different detector technologies each have their advantages, which may be beneficial for certain applications.

Bruker AXS therefore offers a large portfolio of photon counting detectors for best performance in all XRD applications.



The LYNXEYE XE and LYNXEYE XE-T are based on silicon strip technology and feature an unmatched energy resolution.

The PILATUS3 R 100K-A is based on Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology and features the highest count rate.

The VÅNTEC-500 and VÅNTEC-2000 detectors build on MIKROGAP technology and feature the largest 2Theta and Gamma coverage.

LYNXEYE XE, LYNXEYE XE-T, VÅNTEC-500 and VÅNTEC-2000 are all manufactured by Bruker AXS and therefore guaranteed to be exemplary and without any defective detector areas.

The PILATUS3 R 100K-A is manufactured by Dectris, the technology leader for HPC detectors.

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