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EVA Software - The next era in phase analysis

DIFFRAC.EVA defines a new benchmark for phase analysis by making interpretation of one- and two-dimensional XRD data easier, faster, and more accurate than ever. Most remarkable is EVA’s complete collection of the best algorithms for data integration and evaluation, blended with a new and innovative design and operation concept for maximum simplicity and flexibility.

New Features in V5 !

General data evaluation options

EVA provides a complete collection of the best algorithms for XRD data analysis with full access to all function parameters. Seeing is believing - thanks to a unique Real-Time-Preview of all evaluations for visual validation, thus guaranteeing most reliable and accurate results.


Reversing an action? No problem! EVA allows to undo and redo all operations. EVA is the tool of choice for basic data evaluation such as crystallinity and crystallite size determination.

Reliable and accurate phase analysis

Since its first release, EVA's search/match module is generally appreciated as the most reliable and most accurate tool for phase identification.

Correspondingly, EVA performed best in an international Search-Match Round Robin (Le Meins et al., 2002, Since then numerous improvements have further differentiated EVA from conventional software for phase analysis:

  • Highly sophisticated residual search with respect to already identified phases, thus greatly improving analysis of minor phases
  • Support of Variable Counting Time (VCT) and Dynamic Beam Optimization (DBO) data for highly accurate trace phase analysis thanks to significantly decreased Lower Limits of Detection (LLoD)
  • Simultaneous search in multiple reference databases, such as the ICDD PDF2/PDF4+/PDF4 Minerals/PDF4 Organics databases
  • Grouping of candidate patterns phases to handle the ever-increasing number of similar or nearly identical reference database entries
  • Phase identification and accurate quantitative phase analysis based on RIR (reference intensity ratios) values


For more information on this topic see the DIFFRAC.EVA V3 flyer.

Easy to use from the very beginning

EVA also delivers features for user-interface, graphics and analysis report customization never seen before. Furthermore, EVA represents a professional graphing and reporting system for creation of cutting edge, publication-ready graphics and analysis reports.


An extensive step-by-step tutorial makes EVA easy to use from the very beginning. The tutorial also serves as an excellent teaching tool to introduce newcomers to XRD analysis, getting them started with ease in the shortest time possible.

Cluster analysis to handle large amounts of data

Cluster analysis in EVA provides deeper understanding and intuitive presentations of large amounts of X-ray data.

The cluser analysis tool is an adaption of the well-known Polysnap software. It assists in the identification of known and unknown samples, analyzes mixtures, outliers, and assists in quality control. It is used for high-thoughput screening but also for analyzing non-ambient data.

For the new features please refer to the DIFFRAC.EVA V4 flyer.