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HighSense LE Silicon Drift Detector

The HighSense™ LE applies the newest silicon drift detector (SDD) technology combined with high count rate capabilities and light element performance. The superbly high count rates allow for shortest measurement times.

Its unique light element capabilities allow the analysis of elements in low concentrations and with short measurement times. The secret to this is the powerful 50 W X-ray tube which delivers the high intensities. The detector is Peltier-cooled and works without liquid nitrogen.

When fast returns on analysis results count, the HighSense LE detector delivers – at your cement plant, in your mining operation, or at your production line.

User Benefits

The fast light element detector with high uptime

  • High count rates reduce measurement times
  • Ultra-thin entrance window for best transmission even for radiation from light elements
  • DustShield™ protects the detector head and is easy to clean
HighSense LE detector of the latest generation
HighSense LE detector of the latest generation
DustShield - Unique, simple, efficient
DustShield - Unique, simple, efficient