• Structure, editing and function of pulse programs
  • Basic pulse and delay techniques
  • Control of power levels, shapes
  • Handling of delay, frequency and other parameter lists
  • Incrementing delays, pulses etc. in pulse programs
  • Controlling flow in pulse programs with loops and conditional statements
  • Text substitution with the C macro preprocessor
  • Helpful tools for pulse programming, NMRSIM

Pulse Programming

This one day course presents an in depth description of pulse programming. The use of basic commands like delays, phases, loops and many more in pulse programs will be covered. Also covered will be advanced features such as calculation of variables and the use of "if" statements for conditional branching. The use of the C macro preprocessor for text substitution will also be covered.  These concepts will be applied in practical examples.

Overview: NMR Training United States


This course will presume a working knowledge of FT-NMR and TOPSPIN.