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Bruker Training Courses Worldwide

Overview of all Bruker Corporation training courses in our wide range of Centers of Excellence


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Micro-CT User TrainingKontich, BelgiumX-ray Analysis2018-05-28
SPECTRA plus Version 2.0 & 3.0 for S8 TIGER (XRF)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2018-06-04
FoodScreener Training CourseRheinstetten, GermanyMagnetic Resonance2018-06-04
Le spectromètre AVANCE NEOWissembourg, FranceMagnetic Resonance2018-06-05
Advanced Application Chemical Crystallography (SC-XRD)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2018-06-12
Applications de la RMN à l'étude des petites moléculesWissembourg, FranceMagnetic Resonance2018-06-12
TOPAS Cement (XRD)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2018-06-19
EDS User TrainingBerlin, GermanyX-ray Microanalysis2018-06-19
ELEXSYS and EMX CW-EPRBillerica, MA, USAMagnetic Resonance2018-06-19
ELEXSYS Pulse-EPRBillerica, MA, USAMagnetic Resonance2018-06-25
QUANTAX User TrainingBillerica, MA, USAX-ray Microanalysis2018-07-16
Powder Applications (XRD)Madison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2018-07-16
Phase Quantification by Rietveld MethodAtibaia, SP, BrazilX-ray Analysis2018-07-24
QUANTAX User TrainingBillerica, MA, USAX-ray Microanalysis2018-09-10
AVANCE 1D/2DFällanden, SwitzerlandMagnetic Resonance2018-09-10