What you will discover

This webinar will explain how Bruker’s TopSpin software can simplify FBS by NMR.

Key topics include:

  • Introduction to the TopSpin FBS tool
  • Software customization options
  • Automation solutions in NMR
  • Detection hardware and cryoprobes
  • Druggability assessment and ID of aggregating molecules

Stefan Jehle, Ph.D. is a product manager at Bruker for solutions in fragment based screening using NMR who has extensive experience in solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy, and has previously carried out research into FBS lead discovery during his time at Boston University.

Presenting this webinar alongside Dr. Jehle is Pavel Kessler, Ph.D. who works on user experience at Bruker. Dr. Kessler has over three decades of experience in software development for NMR and is responsible for the development of Bruker’s FBS tool for TopSpin.

During this webinar, the pair will introduce you to Bruker’s newly launched FBS tool that works within the TopSpin software. They will explain how it helps to greatly accelerate data analysis during NMR-based FBS by incorporating all screening data into one place and automating many of the processes that are usually done manually.

When the tool is launched, all relevant data, experiment types, compound IDs, reference spectra and other information is automatically collected and stored in a project file. During analysis, the software also automatically saves each action, including any hits, ensuring accurate records and freeing up operators to focus on applying their chemical knowledge.

They will describe what makes the software so user-friendly, and easy to incorporate into existing workflows, as well as creating scope for people without an expert knowledge of data analysis to conduct this kind of research.

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