Making Good Use of a Cryo-Cooled RF Coil

An Educational Webinar on Functional MR Imaging

May 27, 2014


Seminar Overview

To effectively study cardiac morphology and function, or follow neuroinflammatory processes in the brain, image quality is everything. Now, the current capabilities of cardiac and brain MRI in mice is being significantly enhanced through cryogenically-cooled technology, which is proving invaluable to researchers around the world.  Join Professor Thoralf Niendorf (Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility, Max-Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin Germany) and Bruker as we demonstrate, in a 30 minute webinar, the powerful potential for enhanced resolution with the use of a cryogenically-cooled RF coil. The MRI CryoProbe™ delivers significant signal-to-noise (SNR) gains of a factor of 3.0 to 5.0 over conventional room temperature coils, directly boosting spatio-temporal resolution to provide sufficient detail to expand the study of cardiac morphology and function, as well as neuroinflammatory processes in the brain. 

→ What you will discover


Presenter (left)

Prof. Thoralf Niendorf, Ph.D. (Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility, Max-Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin Germany and Chair for Experimental Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance, Charité - University Medicine, Berlin, Germany)

Moderator (right)

Dr. Tim Wokrina (Product Manager, Bruker BioSpin MRI)

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