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Workshop: Nanoscale injection, adhesion and manipulation with AFM and FluidFM®

Join an interactive workshop to discover how combining Bruker AFM and Cytosurge FluidFM® microfluidic cantilever technologies enables truly unique Life Sciences research.

FluidFM® microfluidic cantilevers with nanometre apertures deliver both suction and pressure control. The seamless integration with Bruker and JPK’s AFM Life Sciences systems with advanced correlative fluorescence microscopy methods and quantitative nanoemechanics opens up exciting new applications. These include in-vitro manipulation and mechanical characterization of single cells, nanoscale drug injection - tracking real time cellular responses, bacterial adhesion studies and micron-sized spot array printing.

Novel applications include in-vitro manipulation and mechanical characterization of single cells, nanoscale drug delivery - tracking real time cellular responses, bacterial adhesion studies, as well as micron-sized spot array printing.

Application Note

What you will get from this workshop:

  • Technology and Applications presentations by Bruker & Cytosurge industry specialists
  • “Bacteria Adhesion and Virus Spotting” keynote talk by Christine Müller-Renno, TU Kaiserslautern
  • Practical workshops including cell injection, manipulation and adhesion on NanoWizard and Resolve AFM systems
  • Networking opportunities and Bruker BioAFM Factory Tour


Why you should participate:

This event will provide a forum to develop ideas and collaborations exploiting this pioneering technology by linking biophysicists, cell biologists, micro-biologists and AFM specialists. It will be valuable for any researcher interested in using new technologies for developmental biology, drug discovery, biosensor arrays and more.


JPK BioAFM Center
Colditzstraße 34-36
12099 Berlin


Klaus Pross, Sales Manager

For more product-specific questions, please contact Sandra Kostrowski at Sandra.Kostrowski@bruker.com.

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9.30 Registration and Coffee 10.00 Welcome and Introduction, Heiko Haschke, JPK BioAFM Center
10.10 Introduction to FluidFM and Applications Overview, Pablo Dörig, Cytosurge AG
10.45 Refreshments, Networking, Technology Demonstrations
11.10 AFM and FluidFM for bacteria adhesion and virus spotting, Christine Müller-Renno, TU Kaiserslautern
11.50 New developments in AFM for high throughput imaging, screening and mechanobiology, Torsten Mueller, JPK BioAFM Center
12.30 Lunch and Facility Tour 13.30 Interactive Practical Workshops: Mammalian cell injection; Functionalised colloidal interactions
14.30 Interactive Practical Workshops: Cell adhesion; Nanodroplet spotting
15.30 Refreshments
16.00 Interactive Practical Workshops: High speed AFM on single bio-molecules
17.00 Close