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Bruker NMR Workshop
Extracting More and Better Information from Your Samples & NMR Beyond Proton, Carbon and Nitrogen


April 1, 2019
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided


Orange County Convention Center
Meeting Room W225 A/B



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Part I: Extracting More and Better Information from Your Samples - Which Experiments Should You Use on Your NMR Spectrometer?

With the developments of modern NMR hardware and software, there is no reason to use outdated experiments. This workshop will focus on helping you upgrade from the classic NMR experiments your predecessors used to the more current versions readily available on your spectrometer.

The Bruker pulse sequence library will be examined along with information to help you choose which pulse sequence is best for your needs. Multiple practical examples will be offered to not only explain such topics as what the “hsqcedetgpsisp2.3” pulse sequence is and how it differs from others in the library, but also which are the recommended options for approaching different chemical problems.

Part II: NMR Beyond Proton, Carbon and Nitrogen

As 2019 has been declared the International Year of the Periodic Table (#IYPT2019) our workshop will consist of a brief journey across the table to visit various NMR active nuclei. These include common ones such as Fluorine, Phosphorus and Silicon but also other more exotic nuclei. Many of the transition metals are NMR-active and provide valuable information about the structure of their compounds.

This workshop will provide the participant on how to acquire data from a wide variety of nuclei in the liquid state. The presentation will include tips on how to prepare the instrument for a never before acquired nucleus and will also show some typical examples.


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