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Bruker NMR Workshop
Good NMR Spectroscopic Practices & NMR Beyond Proton, Carbon and Nitrogen


Monday, August 20

9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 155

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Part I: Good NMR Spectroscopic Practices

Good NMR data can only be obtained if attention is paid to a number of factors that affect the quality of the sample, the condition of the instrument and the parameters used for data acquisition, processing and analysis. There is no magic or secret knowledge in these factors. These are mostly common sense decisions and optimal conditions based on cumulative experience of practitioners in the field.

Part I of this workshop will discuss procedures that lead to better NMR data including:

  • Sample preparation
  • Instrument calibration
  • Adjustment of acquisition parameters

Part II: NMR Beyond Proton, Carbon and Nitrogen

The periodic table contains many nuclei beyond hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen that are NMR active and can provide valuable information. These nuclei include common ones such as Fluorine, Phosphorus and Silicon but also other more exotic nuclei. Many of the transition metals are NMR-active and provide valuable information about the structure of their compounds.

This workshop will provide the participant on how to acquire data from a wide variety of nuclei in the liquid state. The presentation will include tips on how to prepare the instrument for a never before acquired nucleus and will also show some typical examples.



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