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Discover the ways your colleagues are successfully applying Mass Spectrometry to their most pressing laboratory challenges

Empowering Science - Improving Life

We were happy to welcome you at the ASMS this year. We hope you found the show worthwhile, gained some new insights and participated in interesting discussions.

In keeping with our long tradition of innovation and thought leadership in the field of mass spectrometry, we assembled a scientific panel of eminent mass spectrometry practitioners from around the world who shared their laboratory workflows, experiments, and results in several forums during the annual conference. Topics covered a wide variety of mass spec applications, from small molecules to biomolecules, to imaging, to metabolomics and proteomics. In addition to the informative scientific panel, Bruker announced several new systems designed to help scientists solve some of their most daunting life science laboratory challenges, such as the new mass spectrometry technology platform timsTOF™ System.

As always, our goal at Bruker is to provide you with regular updates about these new technologies, innovative analytical methods and our latest scientific contributions. Therefore, you can download the posters Bruker presented at the conference and also read up about the product launches in our ASMS Media Room.


Learn more about our latest product launches at ASMS 2016: