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Thank you for your interest in Bruker’s scientific posters presented at the 2016 ASMS Annual Conference. One registration is all you need to access any or all of this year’s posters. We continue our commitment to helping scientists achieve breakthroughs and develop new MS related applications that improve the quality of human life. 

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ASMS 2016
WP 449
Fundamentals of Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Theory and Fluid Dynamics

Introduction: Trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) is a new high resolution separation technique that utilizes an electric field to hold ions stationary against a moving gas. Recently, an analytical model for TIMS was derived and, in part, experimentally verified. A central, but not yet fully explored component of the model involves the fluid dynamics at work in the analyzer (i.e., gas velocity, pressure gradient, flow profile, etc.). The present study characterizes the fluid dynamics in TIMS using simulations and ion mobility experiments.

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ASMS 2016
TP 470
High resolution trapped ion mobility mass spectrometry analysis of isomeric compounds

Introduction: The new Bruker timsTOF uses the ion mobility expansion technology (imeX). imeX allows to adjust the mobility range according to analytical requirements. Mobility resolving powers larger than 200 are possible.
The poster describes the respective imeX analysis of several compound classes such as isomeric lipids or oligosaccharides. The respective CCS values were determined as well as the respective MS/MS spectra acquired after high resolution mobility separation.

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